The Electorates

The role of Electorates in an Election

Elections in Nigeria has been one of the most discussed national issues since the return of democracy in 1999. Orientation and social re-engineering as well as civil society advocacy has seen an increasing importance attached to the electorates in recent years. The electorates are unarguably the most important factor in the electioneering process.

In Nigeria today, the mantra of one man, one vote has seen the electorates become the beautiful brides. The most significant role of the electorates in elections is that they determine who their reprensentatives will be in a free and fair election. In a bouyant democracy, the electorates are kings.

The process of electioneering in Nigeria witnessed a dramatic achievement during the Professor Attahiru Jega-led INEC with the introduction of the Card Reader Technology. Although, the system is not completely sanitized, the Card Reader has given the electorates the opportunity to elect their representatives almost flawlessly- a complete deviation from the past, where hired thugs stuff the ballot box with already thumb-printed ballot papers.

In terms of electorate's awareness and participation, the 2015 general elections saw citizens actively participate in the electoral processes. Social media platforms were engaged and orientation of electorates was maximized by political parties. From large turn-out during campaings and actual votings, Nigerian electorates have come to the reality that your vote is your power.